Trabajo en progreso / Work-in-progress/ Travaux en cours avatar Ensenyat | Domingo, 23 de Julio de 2023 | 1 minuto de lectura | Actualizado en Domingo, 23 de Julio de 2023

Este sitio es un trabajo en progreso; gracias por su paciencia. This site is a work in progress; thank you for your patience. Ce site est un travail en cours; nous vous remercions pour votre patience.

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Casal de CulturaMuseo de Sóller y centro
de eventos culturales

Still todo

This website is a work-in-progress

As such, there are a few incomplete features:

  • Artwork is still mostly black and white, uncoloured
  • Picture gallery plugin is a little bit buggy, scrolling to top of page while viewing, and does not interact well with the navbar
  • No dark mode wallpaper setup
  • Calendar of events is empty. It could also be linked to a Google Calendar backend through a CORS proxy.
  • Website theme and content needs adapting for multilingual. Currently Castillian Spanish, requires content in English/German/Catalan/French as a minimum, and a switch between different translations for the navbar
  • Content needs polishing, verifying details including commercial status
  • Is a blog needed? It can be added, but may require some website redesign
  • Backend: Migrate to page bundles? May facilitate image resource management
    • This would require adaptations to the picture gallery plugin
    • Consider using Hugo resources for images, too
  • Photo captions are in English; possibly more difficult to translate due to Hugo Easy Gallery plugin
  • More info needed About Us; webmaster lacks information
  • Dedicated Tourism page with user reviews etc? Currently located on About Us


This website is currently managed and programmed by Darren de Lima.

Este sitio es manegado y programmado por Darren de Lima.

Ce site es administrée et programmée pour Darren de Lima.